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Frances Adrian Jewellery Design offers a wide range of design and restoration services. We will work with you to bring your vision to life no matter how big or small the job.

Our bespoke pieces are one-only designs made by hand or using a combination of CAD design and casting processes. Each piece is accompanied with a hand-painted render of your chosen design.

Our services encompass new jewellery commissions, remakes and remodels of existing pieces and repair and alterations. We are always happy to discuss your ideas and projects, contact us for a chat or to book a consultation.

Our Bespoke Process


Why go bespoke?

Going bespoke means you get to be an integral part of what is often a piece of jewellery marking a very special occasion. With so many of us wanting our jewellery to reflect who we are and what we love, it means we can straight away focus on what you are wanting to achieve without the frustration of finding that ready-to-wear pieces are ”just not quite right”.

How much does it cost to have a piece of jewellery made?

Every job is quoted on an individual basis. There are so many variables when it comes to manufacturing processes, metals, gems and finishes so we prefer to nail down the details then provide you with a detailed estimate for you to review. Our consultations are totally obligation free so we are always happy to have a chat to discuss your ideas.

Are you a jeweller too?

I am a designer and not a jeweller, however I have many years of experience in the industry and have a sound knowledge of jewellery manufacturing techniques. I have a group of highly experienced jewellers and technicians who I work closely with on each job to ensure every piece is completed as designed and to a high quality finish. 

I have a load of old bits and bobs, can you design me a new piece of jewellery?

Remaking and remodelling jewellery is a fantastic way for us to make use of what is already available to us. We do a lot of this at Frances Adrian Jewellery Design and it can be a very satisfying way to transform and simplify our jewellery collection. There are some cases where, depending on what it is you have, it may not be a viable or economical option, however we are always happy to take a look at your collection and offer you some advice.

What do I need to know before we chat?

Some clients come with a detailed vision of their desired piece, others come with just a hint of an idea. Both work just fine! Whatever your inspiration, once we have a chat about your desired styles and stones, the creative process often gets going pretty quickly.

Client Testimonial

“I cannot speak highly enough of the professional and meticulous design process I experienced with Anna after consulting with her about a diamond ring remake. She listened and understood my initial thoughts and came back to me with detailed clear diagrams of design options for my consideration. At no time did I feel pressured to accept anything I wasn't completely happy with and the end result is a beautiful Art Deco family heirloom that I will treasure. Thank you Anna.” 

- Janet


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