Designed with purpose, care and attention to detail.

Passionate lovers of gems and jewellery, and with a particular focus on responsible sourcing, Frances Adrian are designers of custom made fine jewellery.

Go bespoke

At Frances Adrian we’re dedicated to sourcing high quality diamonds and coloured gems, and take pride in thoughtful, considered design. Our traditional jewellery design techniques are combined with modern technology and meticulous craftsmanship to produce heirloom-quality jewellery of impeccably high standards.

Discover the journey of a responsibly sourced diamond

From its roots deep in the Earth's mantle to its final setting in a custom-made engagement ring, learn more about the journey of this diamond from mine to market.

Design to stand the test of time

Good design isn't about being flashy for the sake of it, sometimes the simplest of designs can have the biggest impact. More often than not, we just let our beautiful coloured gems and diamonds guide us on our design journey.

We believe jewellery is meant to be worn and loved by its guardians so every design is carefully considered and crafted to a high standard in our New Zealand workshop.

If you have an idea for a special creation, please reach out.

Anna Seelye FGA
022 460 9430

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