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The topic of jewellery valuation can often be confusing and overwhelming. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for you, offering advice regarding the different types of valuations and their uses, guidance surrounding jewellery insurance policies, we can also assist with gemstone identification. Our services are available nationwide.

Booking one of our free consultations where Anna can take a look at your jewellery collection in its entirety is the most effective way to approach what may seem like a daunting task. We make sure your pieces are correctly valued and fully documented. 

We value jewellery for the following uses:

Private sale between parties;
Estate planning.

Our Valuation Formats:

  • Full report: for items you wish to have individually specified on your insurance policy;
  • Inventory report: a brief description, value and photograph for items that don’t require the detail of a full report;
  • Catalogue listing: a brief description (no value) and photograph. For lower value/costume items, ensuring your collection is fully documented.


Prices listed are per item, including GST.

Full report* - gem set:$75
Full report* - plain metal:$50
Inventory Report:$35
Catalogue Listing:
(In conjunction with an above service)
No Charge
Gemstone Identification:From $35

*Note: Any items that are deemed complex or require additional research and/or testing will be priced from $110 per item. We are happy to provide a formal quote for you in these cases.

Our turn-around time is 3-4 business days however if you require a quicker service we can accommodate this. Talk to us about this.

Based in Hamilton, our valuations are available by appointment only, please contact us for a booking.


How does the valuation process work?

Firstly, we check the condition of your jewellery. If we feel that any repairs need to be undertaken to ensure the piece is in an insurable condition, we will advise you of this prior to valuation and can undertake the repair for you. Once your items have been processed and photographed we undertake the examination of the piece. This involves determining the mount metal type, weight, its form of construction, condition and any other distinguishing features. If your item is set with diamonds and/or coloured stones we then identify these along with their quality factors such as their size and weight, colour, clarity, cut and for coloured stones additional features such as potential treatments and phenomenal effects. 

All testing techniques are non-destructive. Depending on the item and the type of valuation requested, the value is determined by pricing the individual component parts to arrive at a final value, or the item as a whole based on comparable items on the open market.

You also sell jewellery, are your valuations unbiased?

Yes. Our valuations are completed in accordance with international jewellery valuation methodologies, ethics and standards. Whilst we do design and sell, all our values are based on international pricing sources and not on what we ourselves can purchase components for. Anna also holds internationally recognised gemmological and diamond grading qualifications. Frances Adrian Jewellery Design do not purchase jewellery.

I have a large collection of items, what actually needs a valuation?

This depends on the items of jewellery you own and the type of insurance policy you hold. Our consultations are complimentary and totally obligation free and are the best way to take stock of your collection as a whole. We will advise what items need a full report, what should have a written record and value (but not recorded in as much detail). 

We are also happy to photograph items of lower value at no extra charge to you, ensuring your collection is fully documented in the case of a claim being made.

Valuations for buying and selling: do they differ to those for insurance purposes?

Yes. The value ascribed to an item you wish to specify on your insurance policy would reflect the cost to replace the item with another of equivalent quality - that is an item constructed of the same metal, by the same manufacturing method, and set with stones of equivalent quality. 

A valuation supplied when someone is contemplating a purchase, or is offered along with the sale of the piece will not reflect a full insurance value. The value ascribed will reflect a fair Market Value, that is what you could expect to pay for a comparable item on the second hand market, not what it would be seen for new at a retail store. If you require information about this process we are happy to chat with you about it.

I already have a valuation, is it still valid?

Valuations are a document that is essentially a snapshot in time. Due to fluctuations in international metal prices and the US/NZ dollar conversion rates, there can be some resulting fluctuations in the value of your items: both up and down. 

It is worth checking with your insurer as to how frequently they require an updated valuation, however we are always happy to take a look at your existing documents and advise whether these require updating so you are correctly insured and would be adequately indemnified in the case of an insurance claim being made. 

If you would like to chat with Anna to discuss having your jewellery collection valued, please get in touch.

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