Jewellery valuations and their many formats can be confusing at times...

...not to mention overwhelming if you own or have inherited a large collection of jewellery. Let us simplify the often-daunting process for you by reviewing your collection as a whole and recommending the best way to comprehensively value your jewellery. We value jewellery for insurance, buying and selling, and estate planning purposes.

During our complimentary consultation we review your collection, discuss the valuation process and advise how we will arrive at the values for your specific pieces. Please contact us if you require more information or wish to book an appointment. 

Our valuation documents are completed to industry standards, ensuring your collection is correctly valued and fully documented.

Valuations & Pricing

Gem Set Report

From $95.00 per item

For diamond and coloured gem set items you wish to have individually specified on your insurance policy.

Plain Metal Report

From $50.00 per item

For plain, precious metal items you wish to have individually specified on your insurance policy.

Gemmological Services

From $50.00 per item

Coloured gem and diamond testing and identification services.

Not Sure?

Book a complimentary consultation to review your collection and we will tailor a plan for you.

Please note: turn-around time for valuations is approximately 3 - 5 business days

The Process

Do your jewellery valuations need an update?

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